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Numbness around my mid section

I've woke up today and I was putting on my pants and as the waistband was going over my upper thigh and stomach/hips, it felt a little weird. I have had a poke and prod and my whole around around my hips/lower back, upper thighs and lower stomach area and around and its all numb. No idea why, not experienced this before. Is this something I should notify and keep track of? I don't feel unwell of any sort, just having this symptom at the moment. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

@ettelrahs , keep a note of it and if it remains as is for over 24 hours, let your MS Nurse know. 😉


I thought that, thank you @stumbler - I'm currently at the walk in centre now. They always tell me to 'check your urine' so that's what i' m doing - my obs are fine also as far as I know so I will definitely keep check - thank god for weekend NHS x