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WTFIF help ๐Ÿ˜‚

Morning MSdebators, Hope you are all well, I woke up at half 5 as normal ready to head to work, just one problem I noticed my right leg is slightly numb, upon further inspection it's is not just numb but has decided not to work very well at all and is quite asleep. I have managed to crawl to the bathroom somehow get in the bath and out and now I'm sat stranded on the pot sweating me tits off after climbing mount Killamanshithouse. So my question (questions) is/are... Is this a normal occurrence? Should I be more serious as I'm still smiling (I do feel ok in myself)? I'm thinking about ringing me ms nurse soon just giving poor lass a lie in first. If I can't get hold of her where should I call? Is it possible to get Viagra for your legs to cure "Ultimate floppy dildo leg" (Tm) ? All I want to do is just go to work it's bloody payday too today but for the first time since my diagnosis and pre diagnosis when I knew it was MS just before Christmas I might have to have a sick day off work ๐Ÿ˜‚ I think iv done well upto now. Does not bode well for you lot your gonna be stuck with the ramblings of a mad man all day soz in advance.