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Hey everyone back again I just went to my new specialist and received some good and bad news. Bad news is that im up from 10 lesions to about 20. And good news is that my spinal cord is clear. We're gonna try a new therapy called extavia is anyone on it and how is it? I was on aubagio and basically it did very little to help me. I appreciate any feedback thanks

Hi! I've been on Extavia/Betaferon for 11 years now. It works fine for me, no new lesions since I started with it. Some common side effects I get from it are flu symptoms and runny nose. The side effects were more frequent the first months of the medication, now I get flu symptoms maybe once every second month. Some times the flu symptoms can last up to two days, but it goes away just by taking a paracetamol or ibuprofen. I'm not a big fan of injections but the Extavia injections feels less than Copaxone which I took before I started with Extavia. I hope it will work for you!


@diegomontes16 , Extavia is still one of the first line Disease Modifying Treatments (DMTs). Given the circumstances with the lesions, it would seem appropriate to step up to a more aggressive, efficient DMT. Do your research to understand what is available, then you can be an active participant in the discussions about treatment. The following may help :- http://support.mstrust.org.uk/file/MSDecisionsWeb.pdf