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That turned out to be fun! Anyone tried Frame Running?

I found out about an MS research project, that is looking at the benefits of Frame Running for people with MS, in East Lothian near to Edinburgh. Not being a sporty type, I had serious concerns about how I was going to even get on the frame - it looks like a tricycle but doesn’t have pedals- but I knew that they needed participants so decided to give it a go. As I struggle with walking, the prospect of spending time at a running track was daunting. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it, but the immediate sense of movement and independence was really great! I realise that I am very lucky to have this research project happening in my area and am surprised by the shortage of participants. There is currently a small group of us who have completed a 12 week period of assessment whilst meeting up for training sessions once or twice a week. It’s been fantastic to meet other MSers and share the bizarre experience of getting onto a frame and spending an hour together on a running track! Some weeks are easier than others, and between us we have a range of abilities, but we have fun and are exercising! I don’t know what my research stats will say about me, but I know that I am moving better, and feeling more confident. The support we’ve had from the research team has helped enormously, and it’s a shame that more people haven’t joined in. If you live within reach of East Lothian and want to know more, just drop me a line. If you don’t live anywhere near, but get chance to try Frame Running - go for it!!!

Oh wow! I'm in Glasgow so probably a bit far from the project unfortunately. I've been wondering about attempting some gentle running with a rollator to provide stability - I'd never heard of this but just googled Frame Running and it looks great - thanks for bringing it to my attention!


Frame running? Sounds very intriguing 🤔 Live in North Lanarkshire