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Have you found your MS energy?

Have you changed your outlook on life or your priorities in some way since being diagnosed with MS? We call this 'MS energy': it's the desire to do something - anything - positive following your diagnosis. It can happen right away or months or years after. We've launched a project to capture and share MSers experience of ‘MS Energy’, which we hope will inspire other MSers to think about what they could achieve. Click on the link below to read the stories of others, or check out the 'MS Energy' link on the left hand side of the website. If you've got a story, please share it on the website, rather than below! https://shift.ms/ms-energy/ Thanks Cass

Sorry but are you sure it's MS energy? Or total desperation can't do anything you did a couple of years previous so you get a wheelchair and kill yourself getting round the shop because your desperate for a bar of chocolate. And everyone who sees you say oh look at him how positive, that must be Ms energy? Bloody idiots. Lol


I used to go out drinking every weekend, smoke eat eat junk. Got diagnosed with MS, started going to the gym and eating healthy. I've since found a passion for running and it keeps my body and mind in check. I'm in double figures with half marathons and I'm in the London marathon this year. MS is a bit shit, but there's always something else in life to keep you going so just look for positives in life.