Grateful I don't live in 'Club Med' countries

I love southern Europe but since the MS have realised a) how behind the times they re: disability and b) how much we have to be thankful for in the UK. Holidaying in Greece, Italy and Spain is pretty tricky - so many stepped areas just don't have hand rails. As for ramps - you'll be lucky. I couldn't believe Santiago in north Spain: beautiful place, pilgrimage site, the halting and the lame coming from all over... but there are whole flights of steps with no support at all, to get into the cathedral you have to climb large stone steps with only a rough stone (sort of) bannister. Nightmare. Entrances to restaurants, hotels etc. can be as difficult. Perhaps in the anglicised resorts things are easier but I'm interested in the less touristy bits. I think I'd sort of forgotten how used we are to accessible entrances and ramps. I know things aren't perfect in the UK, but we at least try! My Spanish friend thinks that families provide a lot of support and that it's the norm to be acompanied - also that people with restricted mobility just stay at home more. Mm.