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Eyes sensitive to light...

I don't know if this is just a symptom or the start of optic neuritis, but since being back at work & staring at a bright computer screen all day. I'm finding when the background of something is White or a light colour I'm getting darkish shadows of grey in my vision that float by. It's really freaking me out. Also if I'm outside in bright light I get the same thing. Ive noticed it more since being back at work because what I'm staring at I'm doing it for a while & that's how I notice it. Where as when I wasn't at work I was at home not looking at bright things and not staring at things for long periods of time. I'm also finding my left eye is hurting, it's aching, it feels like it's popping out & the pain is the top part of my eye sort of the eye lid. I saw my neuro a couple of wks ago & typically I hadn't noticed this because I hadn't been at work & my eye wasn't hurting at the time. Because im not diagnosed if I ask my doctor to contact him the wait will be about 10 weeks! Do I just ride this out & see what happens? Obviously if I get blurred vision etc I will rush straight off & get medical help, but I've come to the realisation that unless something drastic happens sod all will be done x Anyway, sorry for rambling, does anyone else have this with their eyes or eye? X