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MS Hug, does it feel like a cramp

I am not sure if I have MS or not for years I get these nasty muscle cramps from the middle of my back to almost the center of my lower rib cage. It sometime happen when I laugh, I play a upright bass, It happened last night while i was playing, It can happen while just standing there. It has been going on for years I always just thought it was normal muscle cramps ( well not normal cause it is almost unbearable pain) It is muscular not anything to do with my heart.. It will last for a few minutes and go away.. I guess what I am asking is what does MS hug feel like

Hi it might be MS Hug but have you tried magnesium tablets? it really helps with spasticity which sounds like you might have the Magnesium spray is good at night time


Im sorry you’re experiencing this 🙁In my personal experience I have never found it to be cramp-like. For me, it is like wearing the tightest clothing that you can imagine but it’s under your skin and and you can’t take it off. The amount of times I have thought “please can I take my corset off now” is into the hundreds I would imagine. Might be different for others, but I have never heard of it described as a cramp. Maybe a good idea to speak with Doctor about it so the best investigations can take place. Good luck 😊