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Can RRMS present itself differently?

Hello, so I am currently still undiagnosed. I have been having symptoms since August so 4 or 5 months. My neurologist has tried to say all my symptoms are anxiety and that it’s not neurological, I know this isn’t the case. He also didn’t do any texts except the reflex one with the hammer, I know from what I’ve read on here that a lot more tests should be done than this. My question though is, can RRMS present itself in a different way? I have a lot of MS symptoms but I haven’t had an attack like people with rrms seem to. I have a fine tremor, pins and needles and numbness that are intermittent but daily, burning patches, I get pain in my legs, knees, feet, lower back, and bum, I get muscle spasms/twitches too and I also have double vision and nystagmus both of which are intermittent. I know a lot of symptoms mimic MS and was very open to it being something else but after researching everything I can only relate fully to MS. I know I’m not a doctor but I also know my neurologist didn’t do enough Tests to say that it’s just anxiety, I wasn’t even anxious or worried when this all started they just see anxiety on my record and jump to that. Not even worried anymore, just frustrated with the system.

also just to add, this all started when my knee stiffened and was painful to move, my legs then started getting pins and needles and numbness and went weak, this was all over about a week or two and at one point I could barely walk my legs were so painful and weak, this then improved but I still have all of the symptoms I mentioned above. I know people with rrms usually have half of their body go numb or an attack of really bad double vision and then they’re fine which obviously isn’t the case for me so I am confused about it all really.


Hi There, So I'm 13 years diagnosed RRMS & the only real way you will truly know is from an MRI & or Spinal Tap/Lumbar Puncture, there are some other sensory tests that I did where they attached electron pads or something of that nature, to my head & made me watch images on a screen to test my brain activity or something but the Spinal Tap & MRI are the two main test that will determine whether you have RRMS... I am also not a medical professional but I do speak from experience. Hope this helps.