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Dating !

How do those who are single, get round the hurdle of dating, as soon as I tell a woman who I get chatting to that I've got ms, they just disappear, it can be so upsetting.

Hey! 👋 I was so worried about dating with MS, alot of people didn't fully understand what it is and others just didn't really want to understand but I found my now partner back in June. He's spent time learning about what MS is for me personally, he understands what it means and he's really compassionate and caring. My MS didn't scare him away. There are people who won't run away from it, even if it takes time to find them but I think it shows how extra special they are. Try to not let it dishearten you too much. I'm sure you'll find someone who loves you for you, who won't be intimated by your health. Goodluck 💞


I was scared too when I was first diagnosed and dating. Remember that its a journey and there is a reason they are not going to continue..I think its mostly the stigma. I think the approach is one of "no big Deal" and its under control. I told my spouse while we were dating( fourth or fifth date after sleeping together) very early on. Which was a mistake, but I was lucky. She researched it and im sure she discussed it with friends and family. I would also wait until their is an emotional investment. It's nobodies business other than family before that. MS shouldnt scare anyone away. Every body has something. I did have one girl I was dating that found out because I left books about MS out..Stupid me! I am sure she spoke to her parents and friends about it. She hinted one day about it, but I wasnt ready to discuss it. Then a week later she dumped me on the phone, but was crying. I still hadnt told her. Lesson is to keep your info, meds, discussion hidden until you are ready.