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Your MS patient pack - I got your back πŸ˜„

Hello my fellow MSers, I thought it would be useful to do a MS patient pack. You know my experience has been the NHS leaving me to die and then bully me. No one bullies me & Londrina! So check this out- Listen you are disabled, you have MS and depression lives with us please deny it BUT you are still DAMN amazing! Look at you, beautiful/ handsome. Get your MS card- for free to help in public transport, use the bathroom or if you have a bad flare up- https://www.mssociety.org.uk/care-and-support/resources-and-publications/publications-search/i-have-ms-card We need to pee, move out the way 🀣 Get your radar key- costs Β£ 5 but worth it, if L'OrΓ©al is so are you! Learn about the key- https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/mobility-equipment/article/what-is-a-radar-key-aP9U67T7CMX1 Radar keys are designed to open a universal type of lock used on most disabled toilets. While they won't open every single disabled toilet, such as those in some private premises, according to Disability Rights UK they open more than 9,000 across the UK – so a substantial number. A Radar key will not work abroad, but there is a similar scheme called the Eurokey in parts of Europe. Buy the key- https://shop.disabilityrightsuk.org/products/radar-key Medical bracelet- what if something happens to you? It's about being prepared. Not everyone is unkind but if you can't move or speak it's hard to say I have MS take me to the hospital. Also covered- https://etsy.me/3kJ9Utb Stainless steel like piercings fine for being around water and add your health conditions and your emergency contact. I got one and it was too small, contacted them and getting a new bracelet free of charge. So amazing customer service! Bless. Transport- ah Hello, that disabled seat is mine! 🀣 Get your offer me a seat badge for free- https://tfl.gov.uk/transport-accessibility/please-offer-me-a-seat#:~:text=Badge%20and%20card%20application&text=You%20can%20order%20them%20by,%40tfl.gov.uk Sometimes their site doesn't work so call them and they will send it to you. I did and she was great. Apply for PIP. Personal Individual Payment - disability benefit. I recommend to do it online as just easier. The advice I was given is to do the form as explaining when your symptoms are at it's worst. They will review and decide. There is low and higher rate. Also daily and mobility. If you are rejected keep appealing. How PIP works There are 2 parts to PIP: a daily living part - if you need help with everyday tasks a mobility part - if you need help with getting around You got a car and not about that bus life πŸ˜… you can be a part of the Blue badge scheme- https://www.gov.uk/blue-badge-scheme-information-council The Blue Badge scheme helps you park closer to your destination if you’re disabled. Freedom pass- disabled travel card where my MS nurse said I can't get it because not in a wheelchair and not disabled. HELLO darling I know the law, facts not your feelings. I didn't know you jad two jobs. 🀣 I applied by email and within two hours got it. Make sure to explain MS and how it impacts you travelling. For me it's my fatigue, leg pain, difficult walking although WAIT I look normal. 🀣 Again I recommend online, you email the form and your documents, a letter from your team mentioning your difficulties will help- https://www.londoncouncils.gov.uk/services/freedom-pass/disabled-persons-freedom-pass This is all I can think of so far. This is for the UK. MSers don't be in denial, accept and live with your MS. MS didn't make you strong, you already were. If anyone has other stuff we should get then mention it. Also I would rather not have MS as this isn't help help this is stuff to facilitate our lives. So for ignorant people who think oh we get a lot of help well we don't. All stand up for yourselves and promote MS. Thanks to charities like Shift MS that are actually saving lives. The others I feel like it's just more info and not enough events and etc. Again my experience, yours might be different. This is why I am hosting monthly events. Also my post has humour so don't be offended. πŸ˜„ Be informed, use the law, always appeal and listen to your body. Stay blessed my fellow MSers πŸ’—

Thank @Yorete for all these helpful links and information πŸ‘


Thank you so much floret, your post has been super helpful and thank you very much.Stay strong x