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I miss that

Having MS has robbed me of many things, but what I miss the most is hiking and fishing. I live right at the base of the Wasatch mountains in northern Utah. If you have ever seen a movie called Jeremiah Johnson you have seen some of the Wasatch, as that film was shot there, in fact Robert Redford, who starred in that movie was so impressed with the beauty of the place he bought a large ranch and plot of land there and called it Sundance after another movie he was in (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid). You have heard of the Sundance film festival that is held there every year? At any rate, there are miles and miles of trails in those mountains all with spectacular views. There are also many rivers and streams. Fishing on a river away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life back in town and surrounded by the crisp, clean air blowing through the pines… I dream of those things sometimes. Remembering even the smell of the pines and the mountains is almost more than I can bear.

@xyzz can sympathise man, what i miss most about MS is that i can't cycle any more. haven't seen that movie yet, but i'll watch it so i know what you're missing out on. keep dreaming of blue skies and the clean air blowing through the pines :-)


Keep on mind that the film was only shot partially where I’m at and mostly in winter. A lot of the movie was made farther south. Where I am at is more alpine. Do a google search of the Wasatch mountains around Salt Lake City and north.