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Footdrop - I've found something at works

So I've copied and pasted this from my blog, but thought it was worth a bit of a discussion here too. Something I've noticed in the last couple of weeks is that not only and I wearing shoes with a 2 inch heel on them, but also that my now 'very occasional' foot drop is no longer a problem. I bought cowboy boots a couple of weeks ago - not expensive ones (although I do love proper fancy tooled boots) but just a £24.99 fashion pair from ShoeZone after all if the experiment didn't work I didn't want to be too much out of pocket :-) With the sturdiness of the ankle fitting, the snugness of the top of foot, the support of the ankle and that great big chunky square heed which is quite weighty my foot stays in the position I want it to be in rather than flapping around like a fish out of water. I've had sore balls of my feet because it's been 3 years since I've been able to wear let alone walk in heels which I assume I had as a teenager when I first started wearing them, and also my shins also protested a little with what I can only describe as feeling like I've had shin splints which is probably a completely inappropriate description but that's gone now. I'm wearing them all day every day at work but I have a job where I mostly sit on my backside so it doesn't do much for endurance training, and so far for shopping etc I've taken the cowardly route and gone back to my flats, but I'm hopeful by the end of the month I can wear them for the Goof Food Show which will be a day on my feet with a LOT of walking :-) Not suggesting you all run out immediately and drop a load of cash and give it a go if you have foot drop, but might be worth seeing if you can borrow a pair for an experiment. If you ask Dr Google about MS Foot Drop and Cowboy Boots there's a fair bit of discussion on the subject so I can't claim to have found a great break through, just passing the message on

I have always found I trip less in heels than trainers! Thought I was just weird!! But, sadly, due to my balance getting worse I have swapped the 5.5" heels to a sensible 3" ?


@george1234 I would never expect any less from you sweetie, you've been showing us girls how to do girlie properly from day one :-) xxx