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Plegridy Posivites Please!

Hi all, I was recently advised to start treatment as I have developed new leisons in my spinal cord! I had the choice of 3, which all seem much the same, with similar results and side effects. I chose Plegridy due to it being allowed to be out of a fridge longer (I like to travel) and only 1 injection every 2 werks, I start in March. The problem is when I look online all I can find are negatives and bad reviews. Which understandably is making me a little nervous! Has anyone had any good experience with this treatment drug and can offer me some positives?! I hope so! Thank you.

Hello Td1989, I've recently started plegridy too, so far had the flu like symptoms with the first injection, had no symptoms with the second injection .


The reason there are more bad reviews than good is due the innate negativity bias of the human response however as plegridy is not a highly effective drug if I were you I would ask some hard questions of the neurologist who gave you 3 choices of similarly ineffective drugs. They might be behind the times.