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Flare ups, relapses, daily symptoms

Does anyone else find that they rarely have totally symptom free days, which are worsened by (extra!!) tiredness or stress? And during relapses, 'old' symptoms tend to flare up, too?

I totally get where you are coming from. I have found a second round of coffee and very strong herbal teas from my own yard are very helpful. I am working on diet and energy a lot right now. It's challenging. There are 7 people in my church with MS including me. I have interviewed most thoroughly. I can tell you the 3 using more herbal remedies and attempting to act like nothing is wrong different than the ordinary (not that they are symptom free-rather they are determined) are doing a lot better than the others. The 4 others are on too many meds to count, have a poor quality of life, feel down and out, and rely more on grocery stores/restraunts than nature. #selfresearch #beyondthedoc #prayers #nature #backyard


I have been complaining about that 4 years and I even switched neurologist that I saw but they still off act like I'm making it up, it's in my head. I was diagnosed in 2010 when I was 21. I worked for pediatricians and they actually saw me and referred me to a neurologist because they knew my medical history because they've seen me and my daughter since I started working there. The most frustrating thing is that pediatricians are the doctors that listen to me and will go along with what I'm saying better than any other doctors that I've seen. I had covid a year before it came to the US but no doctor would believe me that I had it until they saw my iWatch readings and actually saw me and then sent me for a bunch of other tests. I feel like all I do is go to doctors because I would really like some help but it took an allergist that I was going to to get my marijuana referral from to send me for the correct tests and actually look it up online because he would find what I was saying online. I feel like I lost a lot of Hope in the medical system after all of this because the pediatricians I worked for and then in the immunologist allergist that does marijuana referrals for extra money to actually listen to me and go off of what I was saying to help me. Even after I bring the notes from those doctors with me to give to my other doctors like my neurologist they really don't care