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A bit sad

I’m having a rough few weeks with my symptoms and think I have some new ones. I’m on Tysabri, had 4 sessions so it’s still early days and I don’t feel good. My normal dizziness, nerve pain, pins and needles (or stabbing!!) etc. are heightened but I now have gunky eyes (only way I can explain it) and a weak bladder. This has never been an issue for me, even after 3 children but here it is 🫣 Could it just be a water infection?? The ms nurses think it could be but I really don’t know. I’m so tired/fatigued, dizzy feeling drunk and hungover and my left hand side is uncomfortable, painful and my legs are weak. I feel like I’m moaning, which I am but I feel lost, stuck and I don’t know what to do. Welcome to life with MS 😵‍💫 Anyone got any advice/thoughts?

No med they have for ms is good for u. Jst check the ingredients.. I was diagnosed in 2010. Been on 6 different meds with no relief at all. Last med was Lemtrada, best 1 I had. Only r1 4yrs ago and no meds since. Good luck 2 u


If you are in the middle of a flare up of symptoms, you can be treated with steroids. This can speed up recovery from an attack. This may be useful if you have a young family. Unfortunately there is no cure, but, a DMT can slow progression. For me, it was really important to take the most effective DMT as soon as possible. DMTs can prevent future problems. Hope you can find what works best for you.