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Hey :) In the midst of a relapse. Nystagmus & vertigo being the tell tale symptoms this time round. I’ve suffered with optic neuritis. Though my vision has never been the same, it did improve and I became accustomed to a change in sight. Now nystagmus 🤯😵‍💫 just curious, those who’ve experienced it. How long did it last (hoping it’s temporary!), did all return to what is norm for you and is there anything that can help? Thanks, Stacey

Hi Stacey! I'd like to reply to your query first, about HSCT; but I don't see YET how to send or paste info about Mexico Method for HSCT at Clinica Ruiz. My brother, who also has MS, has had nystagmus for at least 15 years. He smokes quite heavily, not proactive in his health at all. Is very angry. I hope you find a good ophthalmologist to help you, because vision is so important to anybody; but especially with MS!


Hi @JodyX Thanks for your message. I have read about the HSCT and the clinic in Mexico. There is an eligibility criteria. That’s my understanding anyway. I’m sorry to hear about your Brother, I hope he’s keeping well. Yes it absolutely is! It’s difficult to manage, even if only temporary. Mine is on the back of a recent relapse. Hopeful it’ll ease and only be temporary, even if only now and it happens again. We’ll soon see but yes, ophthalmologist is a good idea! Thanks :)