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So I've recently been diagnosed with MS. I opted for copaxone. I injected myself for the first time yesterday which was fine but this morning I have woken up with the worst cold and headache. I read that this treatment can give you flu like symptoms etc but just wondering if this will ease off the longer I'm on the treatment or if I will be like this everytime? Having a 2 year old to entertain and the thought of feeling like this after each injection is dragging me down already. šŸ’•šŸ’•šŸ’•

I didn't get that. I had a weird crushing headache about half an hour after the injection but this only lasted a short time (less than an hour) and only for the 1st few weeks. Hope it eases for you


Hey, you will be watching for symptoms the first few weeks and more alert to everything but give it time. I never had the flu symptoms but that doesn't say yours aren't connected. I would say that there are alot of things going around right now so maybe it is just winter !! I have been taking Copaxone a year and a half and so far things have been fine despite the odd week where I am not in the mood for the needles !!