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Mental health and Lockdown

Hey, I have been in lockdown with my family since 17th March and as of recent (the past week or so), I have really struggled with my mental health. I suffer from depression which is believed to be due to MS, so I take 50mg Sertraline a day. As I have been extremely down the past few days my partner has asked me to seek help. Does anyone have any suggestions? Even little things that may help? Anything! I refuse to increase the dosage of Sertraline.

Hi @sonnnsonnn. Your profile doesn't say where you are, or how long you've been diagnosed. Many people with MS have reported that their symptoms have worsened since being in lockdown. Why are you reluctant to increase your meds? It need only be temporary, and I reckon we need all the help we can get at the moment. Are you able to speak with your GP? Something that has helped me is to create a series of little targets for each day. Really mundane stuff, but that keeps me focused. I also spend some time on Youtube each day looking for songs that I had long forgotten about. Once a week I do research on medical news; this always makes me feel a little bit hopeful for the future of MS. My husband is not a TV person but for 45/60 mins an evening we commit to watching the next part of a series, usually crime. I've managed to reconnect with long-lost people too, via email and that's been fantastic. It's so tough when you feel depressed to even want to get up some mornings; but that target list, Youtube, TV and email need you, so spring into action! Hope you get to feel better soon..... :-)


Hello @sonnnsonnn Don't worry too much, I am going through (like many others) very similar issues as yourself. I have plucked up the courage and managed to speak with my doctor to explain the situation and try to get some help with whats going on in my mind. I have reluctantly declined the medication route at the moment as in the past when I started Sertaline it caused me some stomach issues which added to my anxiety. I am probably going to review things in 2 weeks time with the Doctor and may agree to try something then. I was sent the below link to have a look at and try to see if I could get any ideas/ reassurance from the "Mind" charity website so feel free to have a browse around. https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/coronavirus/coronavirus-and-your-wellbeing/ The list below is from a poster/ leaflet which I picked up recently towards mindfulness so could give you some tips or be a start to get your head around stuff and back to normal. Whatever happens always remember you are not alone and you can get some some great support from people off of here who are/ have been going through very similar. Take it easy :) SLEEP - Fixed bedtime/wake-ups - No screens 1 hour before bed - Bedtime routine - read, bath or meditate - Don’t nap during the day - Go outside often for daylight - Caffeine before midday only - Eat evening meal early MOVE - 15 - 20 minutes of activity per day - Choose what you enjoy - dance/walk/cycle/swim/football - Outside is best - Join a Parkrun - “Couch to 5K” app - Install “Pacer App”- build up step count gradually EAT - Mediterranean Diet -fruit/nuts/veg/fish - Omega 3 foods -mackerel/salmon/flaxseeds - Limit processed/fast food - Minimise alcohol/sugar - No recreational drugs - visit http://www.nhs.uk/live-well/eat-well for more info RELAX - Meditate 10 minutes a day - Relax with yoga or music - Separate work from home - Do something creative - Practise Mindfulness - www.bemindful.co.uk - Install “Headspace App” - Install “Beat Panic App” CONNECT - Supportive relationships - Meet friends face to face - Limit time on social media - Join activity groups/clubs - Daily “me” time - Engage with a hobby - Write a journal including positive feelings/gratitude PURPOSE - Discover what you love - Value doing rather than buying - Follow your dreams - Break dream into smaller goals - Learn something new - Be kind to yourself & others - Be part of your community - Consider voluntary work NATURE - Get outside in all weathers - Notice seasons changing - Walk amongst trees - Climb hills and cross lakes - Plant flowers and grow veg - Make friends with animals - Discover your surroundings - Try camping