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Advice on family and work life

It is hard to get across how bad I feel sometimes. I don’t need people to understand, but I don’t want to assumptions either. My cousin, who is always my boss five days a week, can be so hurtful. I may say my legs are achy, but don’t go into detail. He has no idea how much I struggle and can be very insensitive to days that are worse. He told me I need to change my mindset basically. Which I believe I have a great mindset on the situation, especially because he has no idea how much I truly struggle. I don’t call in to work even when I feel like I need to sometimes. I don’t know how to handle it honestly.

Hi @shandaj Believe it or not you are sometimes worse off with family than with other employers. It seems that family fall into two categories, they either worry too much and think you can't work at all, or like you, they seem to think that you're 'moaning about nothing serious' and should just get on with it and stop commenting. It's very difficult and as the famous saying goes, you can't choose your family but you can choose your friends! Have you tried showing your cousin one of the short films here on Shift about ms problems? I know it can be difficult but it's got to be worth a try. Good luck.👍👂


@shandaj , the level of awareness of MS in the general public is shocking. Misunderstandings, as you describe, abound. You might want to have a look at this old topic for some ideas about how to explain your symptoms :- https://shift.ms/forums/topic/describing-your-ms-symptoms If only the symptoms of ignorance could be explained so easily..........