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Hi I am due to start on Plegridy this month how have others found it ? Sorry if it’s a silly question just trying to get my head around it all and feeling a bit overwhelmed!

Hi, I’ve been on plegridy for a year now, my experience in terms of side effects hasn’t been too bad - for the first few months I had flu like symptoms for a day or so after my injection (lots of rest and paracetamol helped me) but I do still get injection site reactions. I can only inject in my belly and find that a week later I will get a large red patch which will fade before I next need to use that spot - I haven’t yet found anything that helps with the site reactions but I know there are lots of things to try. Hope it goes well for you! :)


Hi Rolo, I am on plegridy and agree with Tanya N that site reactions are a thing. They don't come on straight away, but after four days or so there's a red patch that spreads. Plegridy isn't too good for me but I am 7 stone and they can't alter the dosage so it's a bit too much for me. I gather some people feel fine after a few gos and its just the first couple of times that are a bit rough. Good luck!