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Hi. I’m new here. Have no idea if I have MS but, until recently I have had my suspicions. Been unwell for the last 2 and a half with an ever growing list of symptoms. I don’t think I’ve ever really been physically unwell at all until this. Finally had my first ENT appointment in May (!!!) and an MRI found a small cyst on my frontal lobe. ENT have now abandoned me and referred me to Neuro (goodness only knows how long that will take) and my GP is refusing to discuss the possibility of MS or anything else for that matter, until Neuro have seen me! The whole thing is driving me insane! At this point I would just like to know what’s occurring whether it’s MS or not. How do you all cope with being dismissed or not taken seriously?

Hi, I started with symptoms in 2018 and was diagnosed in September 2020. I remember that feeling before my diagnosis of feeling in limbo. My neurologist at the time thought I had chronic fatigue syndrome and discharged me from his clinic. Then he changed his mind, ordered a repeat brain scan and that’s when I was diagnosed with MS. It is difficult when people cannot see how you feel. I was also recently diagnosed with a small arachnoid cyst in the left middle cerebral fossa of my brain. Haven’t discussed it with a healthcare professional yet so I assume they will just keep an eye on it. I suppose your GP maybe feels out of their depth and would rather you get the specialist’s opinion. Hope you get seen by a neurologist soon