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A random thought about heat intolerance

Just trying to find out experiences of going through a relapse and noting an increased sensitivity to heat (from environmental factors, exercise etc). Been wondering for a while now if there's a link between active ongoing disease activity/or perhaps a confirmed relapse and increased heat sensitivity. Any experiences?

Hi, I notice my legs feel tight in hot weather. A sensation I can best describe as wearing tight socks all the way up to my shins. I recently invested in Air conditioning for the 3 days a year we get a heatwave in England! My Neuro said it was most likely Uhthoff's phenomenon?


@dom1975 Hi! I am not referring to the heat induced flare up of symptoms (uhthoff's phenomenon/pseudoexacerbation) that most of people with MS experience in hot weather, but rather to the increased sensitivity to heat in general, even in cooler months. Sort of having a reduced threshold to heat. Hope I explained myself well here!