NEUROPSYCHOLOGIST feedback, (i think thats how u spell it!)

Hi all, hope you are all doing as well as you can be... I just wanted to say that my MS nurse referred me to a neuropsychologist, locally- I was waiting for about 7 months on NHS, and i saw him for my first session yesterday. I really didn't think that after 7 years of being diagnised that there was much more to learn about MS, and fatigue etc (as I am a real researching bookworm type) my first session was about mainly about fatigue management, & i was pleasantly surprised and learnt a fair amount as this guy really knows his stuff -- i am very pleased to have gone. I learnt a fair amount in one session and fatigue management (and didn't think i would) i found him very easy to talk to, and i recommend everyone to see one..... you can choose what to talk about too. he was so knowledgeable and explained things in a very eloquent , easy to take in, way. xx