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Showering Tip

Hi guys 👋 I'm now SPMS and everything is getting decidedly more difficult. Showering in particular is a major hazard in many ways. My right side is good but my left side is affected by spasticity. I'm right handed and can't do a lot with the left due to weakness and proprioception issues. So when I'm ready to wash my hair, I pick the shampoo bottle up with my right hand and squeeze it into the left. However, by the time I've placed the shampoo bottle down on the rack, my left hand fingers have curled up into a claw and my palm has turned 90 degrees causing the shampoo to swiftly deposit itself on my feet. AARRGGH! 😤 *Counts to 3 to try and calm down. This happens with conditioner too. Double AARRGGH! 🤬 *Counts to three again. This is getting expensive. 💰 Shampoo is still a problem but I've discovered Pantene Foam Conditioner (not sure if I'm allowed to say the name but I don't think anyone else does it). Once you've squirted into you hand it just sits there. 😊 👍 Just makes my day a little bit easier and saves a few pennies! Suze x