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Primary Progressive ms

I was diagnosed 5years ago with Ppms The other night I woke with severe pains in my diaphragm. I wasen’t sure what it was and thought maybe heart attack. Then I read about the ms hug. Anyone experience this?

Hi @paige_wheeler .The famous ms hug feels different for everyone but generally having all the breath squeezed out of your body would be a good analogy. Shallow breathing is usually a good way to deal with it even though your instincts are to go for a big breath🥊 Don't panic, you're not going to die even though it feels like you are at the time. It's the one time you don't want t be told to relax and chill out but it is honestly the best way of dealing with it, as it is probably our muscles going into spasm though the jury is still out on this. Hope you feel better tomorrow🤙😍


@paige_wheeler, funny you should mention this - I’m also ppms and have at times at night had discomfort in my diaphragm area which I put down to indigestion, now I’m wondering if I’m getting a ‘hug’too. I don’t get it every night, just every now and then. xx