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Leg Pain could be Sciatica or a Relapse

Hi everyone, for the past 2 and half months, I have had leg and back pain. I have had 3 different diagnoses..a MS relapse, Sciatica and a condition called Equina cauda syndrome. The pain isn't going away and I struggle to walk because my hamstring and calves on my left leg give way. Anybody else experienced this? Thanks. Nick.

Yes originally doctor said could be ms could be sciatica but needed further investigation. After mri of lumber spine they found in addition to the arthritis in my spine I've got spinal canal stenosis , 2 fractured vertebrae and a bulging disc . I was also sent straight to A & E as suspected cauda equivalent syndrome which thankfully it wasn't! I've been told I'm at a higher risk of this and should any of the following symptoms occur I must go straight to A & E as it could result in permenant paralysis : Loss of control of bladder/bowel Numbness inner thigh , loss of feeling in bum/saddle and legs. It maybe worth asking for an MRI if possible or at least an X Ray if this continues as not everything is down to MS. I was given ibuprofen for pain tablets and gel didn't help much to be honest. I've been referred to spinal unit to check if I need surgery. I hope you get some answers and pain relief soon. Take care


Cauda Equina not equivalent 🤪