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whey protein shakes and MS

does anyone use a Whey protein shake as a recovery from gyming. I know lots of people use it for muscle recovery - so my thoughts are that it should help make your bones stronger and that in turn should aide with MS muscle problems? Im not quite sure what an active person that has MS should take - im thinking the supplement should include something 1. so you dont lose muscle 2. aides recovery after gym that is also healthy 3. be Ms compliant or atleast 80 percent compliant not sure if anyone uses anything.

Hi Naim I always have a protein shake after I have been for a run or after playing football. My partner has been using it for years and he told me you should use it help muscle recovery. I have been using it for years, way before I found out I had ms. Good luck with your training and hope you find the best products for you claire


Thanks Claire will definitley continue. I think if your output is alota activity to keep fit and strong then your input defintley warrants something for muscle recovery . So ultimately your muscles are being fed correctly after you work them or you are active - the shake is needed and being utilised correctly. Thats my rationilisation for taking a whey protein shake while having MS essentially .