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Ocrelizumab coronavirus

Good news BBC news today article saying that Australian scientists have discovered that the cells that fight the Coronavirus are the Tcells. Considering Ocrelizumab kills the Bcells that’s a reason to celebrate me thinks. Just had my first full dose infusion two days ago. Feeling great. Highly recommend it not just for the long term disability protection it gives but for the general feeling of well being the infusion gives and the reduction in the general day to day symptoms I have experienced.

Really glad to hear this. I have my first full dose next week, and was struggling to get any clear information about the safety in the current climate. I'm now reassured, so thank you.


I was chuffed to read the article too. There was another one that came in from a Professor of Neurology and MS on Twitter and it was that someone in Australia (again) with MS on Ocrelizumab had contracted the virus and the symptoms were only mild and they were recovering. When asked what is the definition of mild it was ‘like a mild cold’. Again good news. Tanya I was asked before my infusion if I wanted to delay and they advised I should consider it but I said no way. I explained that I would semi self isolate afterwards, not mix with sick people, not go to places with large groups etc and that seemed to satisfy them. So all good!