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Hi everyone! I currently have MS. I’ve been misdiagnosed for years and was finally correctly diagnosed last September. I am currently receiving proper treatment using Kesimpta. I’m not big on taking prescriptions but I’m committing to the process. I’m eating extremely clean and doing the best I can with this challenge. My only qualms are being around ppl who do not understand the disease which brings stress to my life. I’ve recently dismissed all negative individuals but I must admit it stills bothers me to hear a person say I’m using my health as an excuse as if I chose to live in pain n agony. Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do to overcome nonsense as such? Looking forward to interacting with others who understands :).

How are you finding Kesimtpa? This is one of the medications I’ve been offered, along with Ocrevus and Mavenclad, (the risk of this one has scared me). I’m tied between Ocrevus and Kesimpta. I was diagnosed recently. No-one will ever understand the symptoms we experience unless they feel it for themselves. It’s not something I would wish on anyone 😕


I find very few people understand without experiencing MS themselves. Although everyone seems to know someone with it that makes them an expert *glares*