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Lemtrada round 2 or stem cells?

Hi all, Out of interest, if you had an option which of the above would you opt for, the stem cells being from one's own bone marrow? If the lemtrada had not performed as well as expected on all 4 counts, namely symptoms, MRI results depicting prominent inflammation in key areas, 3 relapses in 7 months and too rapid an increase in lymphocyte levels? Some improvements have been seen undoubtedly and the treatment was most certainly the most correct decision for me. The procedure would most likely be similar to that shown on the infamous Panorama programme. So rather extreme is an understatement! Uncertain as whether the option is available to me, but I have raised as a moot point. I have my own views at this stage, but would be intrigued to hear yours...

monica2015 - just wanted to ask - is the stem cell treatment even approved? I'm in the US, and dealing with PPMS don't really seem to have too many options. But I was under the impression that the stem cell therapy is still in the future - not really available now as a therapy… Glad the Lemtrada is helping you! - Barbara


I'd chose HSCT over Lemtrada in a heartbeat. Statistically it is by far the more effective. I don't meet the eligibility criteria for it sadly but if that changes I'll be pushing for it. I have no intention of having a 3rd course of Lemtrada should HSCT be on the table. In fact if HSCT was offered to me now I'd take it, even though I haven't relapsed in over 3 years and have no disability. I'd have had it at the CIS stage such was the impact of my one and only relapse to date. If I could afford to go private for it I'd have booked it by now.