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Sunny sadness - heat intolerance

Today im just sad. Sad because its an effect of being to warm. To be highly heat intolerant I get sudden overwhelming reactions like sadness. The brain is SO.WEIRD. Also being confined inside, and not being able to function well outside, certainly puts a damper on things. So, enough about me. How are you ppl coping in the heat? I have fans and closed windows on the sunny side. Drink a lot, keeping hydrated is important, especially for managing the fatigue and spasms.

@mja84 ⚡⚡⚡ Here where I live... But it's still hot 🥵 Here in not so sunny England. Trouble is we'll all be moaning in a few months it's to cold🥶


To be hot or to be cold, that is the question. I think i preferr the cold because wool.