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Pain/Anxiety meds due to new laws

I was Dx with MS in 2005. Depression ( clinical not situational) became a major problem about 2010. Pain became bad 5 years ago. Spine, hip & leg pain were the worst. I was prescribed 5mg hydrocodone for pain. I used it as needed, not everyday and never more than 1 pill a day. Clonazepam was prescribed for anxiety/ panic attacks in 2010 along with prozac for depression. So for the last 5 years this has been my routine. Recently I was informed because of new laws, I can no longer take these medications together so , pick pain or anxiety. (What?) My primary doc has been trying alternatives to pain with Mobic, Celebrex... Not much luck so far. I never had withdrawal from discontinuing the pain meds. Just returning of pain. I have complied with every blood, urine test needed along with frequent visits and all requirements. I'm angry at the fact that I have played by the rules followed Dr.'s orders and am now dealing with uncontrolled pain because of misuse by others and new laws. Giving up anxiety meds isn't an option for me. My depression goes deep without meds and my panic attacks have left me homebound in the past. Any suggestions on controlling pain alternatives so the State of Florida can feel better about itself. I know I sound bitter, I am. The new laws have cracked down on "Pill mills" and I'm sure has saved lives. However, There are so many people in chronic pain being penalized and left hung out in the wind cruelly. My rant is over, pain alternatives greatly appreciated and others going through the same issues , I would love to hear from you. Thanks.