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De-stress/distraction tips

Hi everyone, It is both lovely and horrible to find so may people battling MS. Hope you are all having a good day. Quick background: I’m a newbie, diagnosed with RRMS in October following a double vision relapse a couple of years ago and a bout of vertigo in February (unclear if that was MS or BPPV) and a new MRI lesion. I’m around a month in to Copaxone. I’m very lucky in that I’m not really struggling with symptoms at the moment, other than being a bit wobbly, but I’m finding it quite difficult to forget about MS and carry on as normal. Particularly now I have to do my injections every other day (I don’t want to change DMT as I’m hoping to have another baby soon and my neurologist recommended Copaxone with that in mind). I keep reading that stressing will make it worse, but then I stress about the fact I’m stressing! My Mum has very severe SPMS so I’ve seen too closely how bad it can get, but I don’t want to waste my good years worrying about what may or may not happen. So, do you have any top tips for relaxing or taking your mind off your MS? Ideally something I could do whilst my toddler naps or in the evenings. (I realise getting off an MS forum may be step one to taking my mind off it, will make sure I don’t visit too frequently) Thanks!