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Vitamin D

Hey you guys I was just scrolling thru FB and came across someone talking about immune disorders and vitamin D. My question is any one with a diagnosis have an issue w vitamin d levels?My doc had put me on some last yr but I forget to take, she said it could be reason for migraines 🙄

Hi there! when I was diagnosed with MS, my vitamin D was very low, yes. I was advised by my Consultant and MS Nurse to take the highest strength Vitamin D I can. Due to that, I take 4,000 International UNITS (IU) and have 1 gel capsule per day.


@Loves My Vit D Level is very low, should idealy be 50 or over, mine is 14 or at least it was at time of Diagnosis. I take a supplement of Vit D once a day, still hate sunlight though.