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Hi dears, today I get last lemtrada, it mens 5 infusions. Can you tell how live now, I heard that lot things I cant eat, my imunitet like after transplantation. Do you now more. Thanks a lot.

Hiya, I was patient number 7 at my London hospital in 2017. , do you mean your 1st dose which is 5 days. Not going to lie its tough , your immune system will slowly die in the weeks after infusion, when you are at home recovering. I had the rash, bad headache and your heart races , on my 1 st week. It does settle down honest, round 2 is only 3 days was alot easier. Then the monthly bloods for 5 years , you get used to it honest ,did it help me, I would say yes, its very effective. The diet they call it the pregnancy diet for a few months after ,even no ice cream! Good luck with your treatment


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