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Steroids keeping me awake

Hi, I'm new here & still trying to figure the website out so hope I've posted this correctly... Sorry if I haven't. This morning was day 4/5 of medrone to help treat a relapse & they're making me feel really rubbish :( does anyone know if I can skip the last day's dose? I think I needed the steroids weeks ago but my nurse was slow to sort them out for me & by the time I got them my symptoms were already improving. Thank you for any help/advice x

Good morning @ladykay I'm so with you. I've had only around 2 hrs sleep since Thursday night and I'm at the bit now ? My body knackered but my head won't shut up. With regards to missing a dose I did that the last time and all my medical team seemed ok with that. Dunno if it's really ideal though. Maybe the guvenor can shed some light on it? Hope you got some kip last night? I'm just sitting strung out, haha. Have a nice day, or as nice as it can be ? Lisa xxx


That's exactly how I am, body is completely knackered but I just can't shut down & rest. I'm so sorry you're going through it too :( I nodded off after 3am & woke just before 6am, so better than nothing. Really hope you managed to get some rest ❤️ Thanks for the advice about last dose of steroids xxx