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Drop out of college due to ms?

Hey there :) I'm a 22-year old student from Germany and I've been diagnosed with MS in 2015. I've had two relapses until now but I recovered rather well. While I'd not been able to read even texts in German, I'm now able to work through English specialist literature again. Nevertheless, I'm tainted with difficulties in concentration as well as in structuring my thoughts before writing them down. In addition, my neurologist told me that I probably also have fatigue. This semester's exams are almost here and I feel unable to cope with all of the preparation. What's probably even worse, I don't think my lecturers will be able to understand what I write down since I have to cross out and correct a lot. Because of fatigue I also struggle with finishing in time. Has anyone of you been in a similar situation? How would you decide - continue the studies or drop out? I hope you're able to understand me since I'm not a native speaker ;) Greetings, LaVosa