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What shall I do ?

After recently being diagnosed with MS , my mum has been talking about an old friend of hers . Who is my god mother . I haven’t seen this lady since I was 12. I get a random message from my mum last night asking me to take her to a place to meet this lady who also has MS .( mum doesn’t drive ) I can remember at 12 she having it . I then see on another social media platform that my mum has commented on a video of a lady , who turns out to be my god mother . I am in 2 minds , worried about my mum , if she is worrying about me and how this MS may affect me . 2 , do I want to find out myself ? We haven’t seen this lady for close on 30 years … what would you do ? Sorry for the rant …

Your mom asked to see her. Have a phone call with your moms friend first then if u feel comfortable enough to see her then go I’m sure your mom just want you to help her out.


I am sure that your Mum just wants to reconnect with an old friend and maybe ask about how her MS is treating her. Sounds like your mum is just googling in real life and trying to support you. She sounds like a great support x