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Weak 2 of the Carnicore diet.

So far from two weeks, I have eaten nothing but beef, salt and Water. And I was having trouble with my feeling in my fingertips and hands before I have since recovered that fully. I would recommend this nutrition plan to anyone. Good sources are jordan peterson, makayla peterson, doctor Berry, And various other carnivore diet youtube video I? Know. That? YouTube is. Not? A platform. For truth. Or documentaries. But? This is something. I check out? Then do my own research? All in all i'm in short eat just organ meat Like the wall's protocol would suggest but honest-to-God just be just salt and just water. It's the ultimate Is elimination diet. It consists of three things that are easy to get.

Maybe just maybe because u didn’t add any pepper to your meal. Hah


I feel so weird after eating red meat, trying to avoid For me paleo diet, preferably gluten free