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New to Ocrevus

Hello! I was diagnosed with MS in mid April and am due to start on Ocrevus next month! Just wondering, does anyone with difficult veins have any experience with IVs? Whenever I have blood taken I am told my veins are very thin and deep, an ultrasound machine is normally used. Thank you I’m advance xx

When they take blood from my inner elbow for the tests in the run up to the infusion that have issues but for the infusion itself they do it in the back of my hand. I've never asked why its different but the veins in the back of my hand are much more accessible. Maybe ask for this.


Hey 👋 I’ve been on Ocrevus for nearly 2 years now and have hideously difficult veins to find. Very often it’s taken a few attempts to find them but there’s always someone around who’s really good at finding them and the MS nurses in my experience are all really lovely. When they do find a good one take a picture on your phone so you remember for next time where they went before! Best of luck x