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Spring covid booster

Hi everyone So the Uk has announced the spring covid booster for those over 75 or immunosuppressed. I was diagnosed in November and not yet started treatment. I can't seem to find out if I am eligible but thinking I am not. I thought I would see what happens if I tried to book an appointment, and it let me so really unsure now.

Generally speaking the booster is a good idea for all, the jab is not 'live' which means it does not interfere with most immunosuppressant meds but just make it clear to the nurse jabbing you what meds you are on and that you have MS. As you have MS you ARE eligible as your immune system is misbehaving.


Dear @Kanga, I have been classed as "clinically extremely vulnerable" by the Department of Health. Despite that, I couldn't get an answer as to whether I was eligible for the booster (I am in my 50's). When I heard that booking was open, I thought I would give it a go. Lo and behold, I got an appointment for later in the week. Whether they will give me a jab once I get there is another matter, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. I'll be taking my letter, confirming that I'm extremely clinically vulnerable with me. Good luck and best wishes, Jon