After effects of steroids...normal?!

Hi, I posted a while ago, thank you to those of you who replied (",) I ended a 5 day course of daily 500mg methylprednisolone on 27th August and felt dreadful for a week or so after stopping. Looked like possible adrenal insufficiency but my MS contact made little of of it... That wore off but I am now getting itchy hives. These started over the weekend (2 weeks after the 5 day course ended) and keep popping up in random places, mainly arms and feet, with a few on stomach and thighs! I get an itch then redness and spots. After an hour or so they are gone, until the next time. Has anyone else experienced this? It's almost like a delayed allergic reaction? I've not experienced anything like this in the past when I have had the steroids but this course has scared me off willingly taking them again in future. Thanks in advance for your replies