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Hi I’m new here with my first recognisable symptom (docs thought I had vertigo) to MS diagnosis in just 6 months last year. Trying to come to terms with what is my ‘new to me’ future but need crutches to walk and can’t do anything for more than 20mins so struggling to get any motivation to do any exercises or physio and piling on the weight and have become a permanent part of my couch sitting all day and night So how do I stop this cycle of self harm and effectively giving up on ever living an happy, active life again? So I suppose what I am looking for is ideas from you lovely people, what exercises does everyone else ‘enjoy’ to get me up and moving and out of my house which has so quickly become my prison? Sorry for long text Jenx x

Dont be sorry! What meds are you on? I know where you coming from acceptance is bloody hard im not there yet myself! Walking on treadmill in garage helpful to me x