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Hi all, I see so many people with MS taking vitamins and supplements and I was wondering how you all decided what to take? Just your own research or advise from a professional?

@Jenrms Good question. Anything that deviates from the recommended daily amount, please discuss with a doctor first. šŸ˜Š My supplements: Vitamin D: 20.000 IU once per week (week!), recommended and prescribed by my consultant neurologist. Sodium prorionate, 2x 500 mg per day, which I occasionally forget.or not take. Bought over the counter. It might have a beneficial impact on the microbiome (bacteria that live in the gut), there is limited clinical evidence. This stuff used to be an additive in bread to prevent if from turning bad/mouldy in the past. At much higher doses, they suspected it can cause cancer. It was then shown that it does not; yet it never returned as an additive in bread. As it has been shown as potentially beneficial in small clinical study with MS patients (no drug company behind it to fund it), my fabulous consultant and I discussed that I might want to try it. Magic hasn't happened, I continue to be well (thanks to DMT). šŸ˜Š Since this stuff is licensed as a food additive, it has it's own "E number": E281 A common unwanted side effect is, as jt acts on the microbiome, a bit of flatulence. (Until your body adjusts: don't take it on days when you have foods with the same effect). Vitamin B12: over the counter supplement as I am a vegetarian. Vit-B-12 deficiency can cause other neurological problems. Occasionally linseed oil on food (it tastes really lame),supposed to have "neuro friendly" unsaturated fats. That's it. Otherwise decent vegetarian food choices, some days vegan. My piece of advice: don't overdo anything and don't waste your money on "miracles" (rather buy fresh and yummy food; I rather spend that the money to upgrade to organic options). šŸ˜Š


I take vitamin D l and b-12 as recommended by my Dr, and magnesium at night which I believe a naturopath mentioned to me, I find it helps a bit with spasms. There are other things I probably should take but it definitely can get overwhelming! But I do what feels right based on recommendations or my own research :)