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First ever appointment with an ms nurse today. My neurologist changed my diagnosis from Cis to Probable RRMS in June. I convinced myself that meant not ms(i know,I know). Anyway, today I was told ignore the word Probable and try accepting it is ms. So here i am,trying to get my head around what I actually expected ,hello everyone.

Hi. Welcome to the group. If there is anything that you want more information about, usually someone knows, or has experienced similar here. Having MS is life changing. Support, support, support. That is what we all need. There is support here, any day, anytime. Welcome 🤗.


Hi, it's mind blowing to have the diagnosis changed, here at least it felt like gaslighting.. Sorry you've received such a change. Many medical practitioners think CIS (clinically isolated syndrome) is a mistaken descriptor and well out of date factually. it persists due to inertia and lack of knowledge among some neurologists as well as the clear lack of availability and use of the precise tools to measure the disease or its causes.. or something like that! On the plus side you're likely now eligible.for treatment that might slow disease progress which you weren't eligible for with a CIS diagnosis, as well as MRI monitoring of damage done. If those convo's about what the neurologist can now offer in terms.of treatment haven't begun could be worth asking when they are planned, as well as getting ahead of the game by reading up on treatment efficacy on reputable MS sites. Sounds like you intuitively knew, perhaps you also know labels have changed, yet you haven't! Wishing you all the best making the most of new knowledge. But most of all, it's not your fault - you were told it's not MS when it was MS, that's frustrating. Hopefully it's positive to have a proper diagnosis at last, to plan better, do what's needed to slow progression as best possible from now onward, and to start to come to terms with it.