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Mavenclad Vs. Tecfidera

Hello all! This is my first time posting, I am considering switching from tecfidera to Mavenclad. This just became a thought recently & switching a drug that is working for me is a tough decision. I am looking to possibly switch due to flushing, it is very hard to manage with work etc. After meeting with my Nurse Practioner she had suggested Mavenclad & am wondering if anyone can give me some insight. Thank you, Jami D

@jami, Mavenclad was originally successfully trialled sometime ago under its original name of Cladribine. A couple of cases of cancer in the trial participants caused a stop to the development. It's only been recently that the trial data has been re-analysed, with Cladribine being absolved as the cause of the cancer. It has been used "off-label" with successful results. More details here :- https://www.mstrust.org.uk/a-z/mavenclad-cladribine


Hey Jami, I'm new to these forums and was quite happy to see this post because I'm in exactly the same position! I have been on Tecfidera for three years but after a recent relapse my neurologist has suggested I switch to Mavenclad. Did you switch, and how did you find it? I also had terrible flushing with Tecfidera until I started taking a daily aspirin, and that stopped it almost totally.