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Painful to sit

Hi..I have had two cases of optic neuritis and been diagnosed with ms but for the last year I have also suffered with similar symptoms as coccydynea. Xrays and MRI shows no sign of coccyx injury and today doc tells me after internally examining my rectum he thinks my painful rear could be ms related. Anyone else had this? Many thanks

@hooper, have a word with your MS Nurse about this pain, and the investigations to date, to see whether they can get you a neuro-physio assessment. MS does not directly cause pain, but we can compensate for an MS weakness by adopting a bad posture/gait, which can cause these kind of problems.


@Stumbler, Thank you for your reply and yes, I do believe what you are saying about my bad posture - this is definitely due to years and years of sitting at a desk for hours and not concentrating on sitting correctly. I see the MS Nurse at the end of this month for the first time so will speak to her about neuro-physio assessment. Thanks you for your time.