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Difficult at job

I have been out of jobs this past 4 years since i get 20 , I started being unable to work properly to any job , Cant focus , cant remember , and i forget while doing the tasks or trying to study a new information about the work , that had been tough cause no one keeps me at any work like this , i dont know what to do

I don't know how Disability Rights work in Albania but you may want to investigate what rights you have to support, both from an employer and from the government.


Not really , it doesnt function ,they do give an amount of 50 euros maybe for month when have this dissabilities i do , but nothing more , just first visit at one doctor was free ,and told me after i should get the pills he gived me for 1 month i would be better ,but that never happened i started taking the pills and after 2 years i stopped them cause was not helping so i quited but is gone 4 years now and i really cant figure out anymore what to do , My brain is going full numbness , dont have idea or to think properly in what to do or where to go , or how to work