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Explaining fatigue and brain fog

Diagnosed in 2012. Cognitive and fatigue forced me to stop working. I’ve seen a lot of people asking about explaining fatigue and brain fog and I thought I would share how I explain it (and seems to work). Spoon theory is a great way to explain it. For fatigue. I’ve also explained like this. Everybody’s energy level is a battery. Typically when you sleep, you recharge your battery to 100%, but for me, it only charges to 50% (if I’m lucky a little more) So starting off the day my battery isn’t as full as somebody else’s. As the day goes on and we all drain our batteries, mine loses its charge faster with each “task”. For cognitive/ brain fog… It’s like being suddenly woken up in the middle of the night from a deep sleep. The kind where you feel disoriented or foggy and it takes you a minute to get a clear head to figure out what’s going on / what time it is, etc. My head doesn’t always get clear. I get stuck in that foggy, mind moving slower stage. I’ve found these work for most people around me. I hope this helps someone else 😊

Totally. Cognitive issues are my biggest disability. I feel it is underrated because it cannot be seen. Doctors like things they can measure and explain. I have given up work because of fatigue. I normally sleep all night and a few hours in the day 🥱. The medical community will catch up, eventually. All the best from over the pond.


How about not having to explain/d describe...how would it be if my own Dr./Nero were touched with the knowledge of actually having MS? I'll step back into my fog and embeace my insomnia...hew